“Simply put, I chose advertising as a career because I wanted to make commercials. I love making things that everyone gets to see regardless of stature or means. To me, the ability to influence pop culture is the most interesting part about advertising...”
Andrew D Dubois,  Account Management

“Two words do come to mind: Neil Blomklamp!”
Lizzie Marcy,  Account Management

“Advertising is fun and dynamic, there’s always something happening. Not ever a dull moment! And that’s what I like! Advertising is a science or function—with the right combination of creative elements it can influence the right behaviour.”
Keaoleboga Moncwane,  Account Management

“I joined [advertising] because I was intrigued by the industry and keen to understand how it would manage to be relevant in an increasingly complicated and ever changing world. It still is hugely creative and no days are the same. I also believe that that it needs to be elevated to a level where it is taken more seriously so that its output is geared to meeting business challenges—not just communication challenges.”
Rosa Leigh,  Account Management