“I got into advertising because I liked the idea of hanging out with lunatics, and there were plenty around when I started over 30 years ago (1978). There aren’t quite as many around these days. Also, advertising was the best way I could think of to earn good money without actually having to work for it, and my fledgling acting ‘career’ wasn’t going anywhere either.”
Grahame Hall,  Copywriter

“I was a lousy insurance claims adjuster and couldn’t handle the near-daily humiliation and sense of underachievement of being a waiter. I lacked any career and life direction, but wrote good letters. Since I couldn’t get paid for writing letters, my sister suggested writing ads. Why do we want kids to get into advertising? I don’t need the competition.”
Alex Epstein,  Copywriter

“…because no other job would pay me handsomely to be an obnoxious wiseass, while secretly (or not so secretly) masking my insecurities. The not so cliché answer is a little more rational. From an early age I’ve always loved to draw… creating work that made people laugh or think was an appealing creative outlet. Advertising seemed to be the perfect opportunity for me to express my creativity and make a decent living… There was a certain glamorous appeal to the business as well. I knew then that I never wanted a job where I had to wear a suit—where I would have the opportunity to travel—and have the satisfaction of seeing my work in the public eye. Yes… somewhat of an ego-filling career. Granted, after 12 years of this, my parents only now have some inkling of what I do for a living.”
Jason Wennet,  Copywriter

“In high school, I had a guidance textbook. It was broken up into several sections: sciences, professional careers, industry mining, etc. Each of these then listed specific careers, alphabetically. The first chapter was Arts and, alphabetically, the first career choice was advertising. I read that paragraph and decided to not bother reading the rest of the textbook. So far it has worked out rather well. I am a Group Creative Director working at Team One.”
Craig Crawford,  Copywriter