“I have a short attention span…advertising was perfect…ya gotta get in there and say it fast and effectively…plus, it’s a chance to do some funny stuff my mom might see…”
Gary P Pascoe,  Creative Director

“I wanted to be an artist but needed money so I became an art director.”
Marc Lineveldt,  Creative Director

“Went into advertising because I hate grey shoes, cubicles, water cooler chit-chat, clip on ties, PowerPoint presentations, pie charts, company picnics, team building (drumming/quilting/fire-eating) sessions, conferences, corporate dress codes, lanyards and cartoon socks. And because I like to wear flip-flops to work.”
Jenny Glover,  Creative Director

“I went to college to become a lawyer. Upon graduation a friend introduced me to the world of advertising. I soon realised that the two career choices (lawyer or ad guy) had many things in common: Both are hired by clients who have a story to tell. Both get to present their side of the truth. Both need a strategy. Both need to be persuasive. Both need to be creative [and] both are considered ‘untrustworthy’. The biggest difference was lawyers made more money, but ad guys got to dress however they wanted.”
Jonathan Helfman,  Creative Director