“I don’t fit in other places, I don’t think like other people, I don’t do things the same way they all do and neither do I want to. I want to make a difference. I want to do things with my time that I can see become reality. In many ways advertising was my platform to do something for the world and say something to the world. No other job really offers you that same voice, that volume, that loudspeaker to entertain, inform, educate, make people stop, think, carry on, and maybe, at some point do something differently to how they usually would have done it. It is freedom of expression on as big a scale as you can dream it…”
Dominique Silva,  Multimedia Designer

"Digital design causes the design industry to change constantly, and the impact of digital design on our everyday lives is tremendous. It's like being on a 24-7 roller coaster ride."
Lucy Jourdan,  Multimedia Designer